Dartex MicroClimate utilises our most advanced moisture vapour transfer technologies.  By significantly reducing the build-up of perspiration, our MicroClimate solutions maximise patient comfort while helping to minimise the risk of developing pressure ulcers during care. 

MicroClimate is ideal when handling patients who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers, including immobile and bariatric patients, as well as those with heavily exuding wounds.


How does changing local skin temperature affect risk of pressure ulcer development?

The International Review on Pressure Ulcer Prevention published by Wounds International in 2010 highlighted that some investigators have examined how changing local skin temperatures affects the impact of pressure on tissues.  In an animal study, a known pressure (100mmHg) was applied for five hours with indentors heated to 25, 35, 40 and 45°C.  

Moderate muscle damage was seen at 35°C and deep tissue damage was observed at 40 and 45°C.  No cutaneous or muscle damage was observed where load was applied at 25°C, suggesting that local cooling may have a protective effect.

At Dartex, we have shared our vast technical knowledge and experience with our customers and partners to develop world class microclimate products

Learn more about how our advanced microclimate support surface cover helps to enhance the mattress technology to prevent pressure ulcers: Stryker Isogel Air with Dartex MicroClimate

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