Dartex® Exoskin® is a unique polyurethane membrane with superior water-resistant and abrasion resistance properties.

Ideal for use in the healthcare industry, Exoskin® is proven to withstand the equivalent of 4 years continual use in accelerated aging tests.

Exoskin® has up to 400% stretching capability; withstanding up to 2200kg of tensile stress per square inch, making this super-stretchy material is perfect for moulding applications.

It provides strength and durability for products like orthotics and prosthetics; where appearance and feel is just as important as product performance.

Suitable for a wide range of medical applications, including:

·     Footwear

·     Medical braces

·     Orthodics

·     Prosthetics

·     Wheelchairs

Typically supplied on nylon Lycra Tricot, the Exoskin® membrane can also be laminated to a wide range of other fabrics. 




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