Infection Control

Around 9% of patients at any one time have a hospital acquired infection    (100, 000 per year) of which studies have shown that approximately one third may be preventable (1).

The cost of Hospital Associated Infections (HAI) to the Patient, Hospital and the general public cannot be underestimated.  For over 40 years Dartex has endeavoured to continuously develop solutions that help the Healthcare Community in the battle against HAIs. 
Dartex understands that it is not an easy situation for the Nursing Staff and that there are time constraints in Hospitals which means that a simple and fast cleaning procedure is of paramount importance.  Dartex also understands that some of the cleaning chemicals if not used correctly can degrade the support surface. 

Dartex doesn’t have all the answers but we are striving forward and have launched new ranges of fabrics that will help in fighting the spread of HAIs.  All Dartex support surfaces offered for this care need to have the following features that help improve infection control.   

Our support surfaces for infection control are reliably waterproof; this will prevent fluid ingress and contamination of the composites.  Dartex has exacting test methods to measure water penetration and work to a minimum specification standard.  Our support surfaces also have the benefit of weldable seams which will also act as a barrier to fluid ingress and contamination.  This not only has a benefit in terms of patient safety but will also prolong the life of composite.

Dartex support surfaces can be easily cleaned and will withstand the rigours of hospital cleaning and disinfection. All fabrics developed for this specific care need can also all be wiped clean, this means that effective cleaning can be carried out very quickly; after wipe-cleaning, the surface is disinfected, surface dry and ready to be used again. This creates a clean environment which improves infection control and can help reduce the spread of hospital associated infections (HAIs).  If required the support surface will also withstand cleaning by autoclave.

It is essential that the support surfaces is strong and will resist abrasion in order to maintain a durable barrier to fluids and bacteria/viruses even with heavy usage. 

Furthermore the support surface should not compromise comfort or patient care. Dartex offers products across our ranges that offer 2 and 4 way-stretch which enables the fabric surface to work effectively with the composite to provide support with optimal distribution of pressure. This has advantages in terms of patience comfort as well as pressure relief.  All Dartex fabrics also offer a degree of moisture vapour permeability to ensure that the surface remains dry and comfortable to the touch.

Dartex has developed two collections- Endurance and Resilience that specifically offer increased durability and resistance to cleaning chemicals.

For further information on these ranges, please see our products or contact us in person.

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