The Dartex Resilience range combines maximum abrasion resistance with a specially engineered low friction surface which minimises the risk of shear, making Resilience products ideal for use in patient transfer applications including stretchers and trolleys.

With enhanced chemical resistance, Resilience is also suitable for maternity applications and has an extended product performance lifetime.

Why choose Resilience?

Abrasion Resistant – the special polyurethane coating, specifically designed to resist rough handling, is hard wearing and durable in tough medical environments.  

Better abrasion resistance leads to:

- reduced risk of hospital acquired infections

- increased lifetime value of the mattress

- lower mattress replacement rate, which in turn greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of auditing mattresses.

Breathability – the moisture vapour transmission (MVT) properties of PU keeps skin cool and dry, unlike PVC which doesn’t ‘breathe’

Stretch & Recovery – essential for pressure redistribution and the prevention of avoidable pressure injuries

Easily cleaned – either wipe clean or machine washable



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