Dartex manufactures tailored solutions for your specific end-use

Dartex manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of support surfaces for your community care needs.
Dartex has a vast range of products for both dynamic and static mattresses. Our fabrics give you the protection you need to ensure that there is no fluid ingress in the mattress, whilst not compromising on comfort or pressure area care.  All our fabrics can be easily laundered and wipe cleaned.

Patient transfer applications including stretchers and hoists again have specific requirements; Dartex has developed products where the shear, or slip characteristics of the coated fabrics are altered in order to enhance patient transfer properties. This end-use requires a balance of patient comfort and anti-decubitus considerations.

For positioning aids and cushions, our fabrics offer exceptional softness and comfort combined with Dartex durability.

The 'Dartex Care' range of support surfaces has been specifically designed for the Community and Independent Living sectors. It's soft and yet reassuringly solid feel, make it ideal for mattresses, bedside and dayroom seating.