Dartex manufactures tailored solutions for your specific end-use

Dartex manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of products tailored to exacting customer specifications as well as defined medical end use applications.

For the acute sectors whilst patient comfort and pressure care is of huge importance, there are of course other considerations for specific end-uses.

Medical support surfaces in operating theatres require conductive/anti-static fabrics to minimise accumulation of static.

Patient transfer applications including stretchers and hoists again have specific requirements; Dartex has developed products where the shear, or slip characteristics of the coated fabrics are altered in order to enhance patient transfer properties. This end-use requires a balance of patient comfort and anti-decubitus considerations.

For acute beds and hospital mattresses, infection control is of paramount importance.  Dartex offers biostatic (anti-mycotic) coatings which provide an impenetrable barrier to virus and bacteria. Dartex fabrics are weldable, by either RF or US techniques. These seams are impermeable to air and water, minimising risks of infection.

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