E is for Endurance

09/09/2015 15:04:57

This month’s product focus is a staple of the Dartex® Classic range; chemically-resistant Endurance. Read more…
Dartex® Endurance is our toughest medical fabric; making it an ideal choice for high through-put environments such as A&E departments where fast, high volume turnaround and frequent cleaning is essential. 
Here’s what makes it the one to depend on:
Advanced chemical resistance
Polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics are a great choice for skin-contact products as they are water resistant, yet breathable.  A key feature of Endurance is that its PU layer is a polycarbonate polyurethane structure, making it much more chemically resistant, and providing greater protection against strikethrough.
Increased abrasion resistance
Due to its robust nature, Dartex® Endurance offers greater protection against damage from hard materials that come into contact with the surface. With less durable coatings these regularly compromise the mattress cover and leave patients at greater risk of infection.
Infection control
On admission to hospital, patients have a 5% chance of contracting a hospital acquired infection (HAI)¹, therefore infection control is an issue that is taken very seriously.  Dartex® Endurance provides an effective barrier against HAI’s, while still offering the patient high levels of comfort.  It does this by maintaining a water resistant barrier layer for longer due to the high chemical and abrasion resistance.
Exceptional lifetime
Due to its robust nature, Dartex Endurance® has an exceptional lifetime.  Laboratory tests show that it lasts at least 2.5 times longer when tested with accelerated ageing (ISO 1419:1995).  Evidence from use in the clinical environment supports this with cover failures occurring over 5 times less frequently.
Want to know more?
Contact Customer Services enquiries@dartexcoatings.com to request your free sample and more information about our range of Dartex® Endurance fabrics.
(1) http://www.passenlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/HAI-Chart.bmp


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