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18/11/2016 09:19:12

The choice of cover fabric in medical support surfaces does help to make a difference!
With an increased focus on providing community based care, medical support surfaces like mattress covers and supportive seating are vital tools to support an independent lifestyle. This blog post explains why the choice of cover fabric helps to make a difference.
Good quality products are key for this sector because they will be regularly used and heavily relied upon to improve life by maintaining independence. Dartex Coatings work with our customers to design and manufacture support surface fabrics that help to prevent pressure ulcers whilst sleeping, relaxing and going about daily life.
Having a stretchy – wipe clean support surface cover is a key component for a pressure area care mattress, helping to redistribute pressure whilst acting as a barrier against infection. Using a fabric with increased breathability such as Dartex Microclimate improves the levels of comfort experienced further.
The choice cover fabric in the seating application should be just as carefully considered as the bed. This is important because individuals can spend many hours seated in one position, on the same chair day after day. So all the good work achieved by a fabulous pressure-relieving mattress can be undone in a matter of hours if the person is then seated in an inappropriate chair.
The properties of Dartex fabric are excellent for mobility applications. The waterproof, stretch and abrasion resistance properties help to create comfort whilst redistributing pressure in any conditions.
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