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23/06/2015 12:08:53

Resilience is part of our Dartex® Classic product range. 
Find out more about the abrasion-resistant qualities of this popular product...
The Dartex® Resilience range has been designed for niche applications where the product experiences a particularly hard life. The range has been developed for maximum abrasion resistance and durability when experiencing high usage and high turn around which is particularly important within patient movement and transfer. 
Pressure Care
‘It's estimated that just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least one pressure ulcer in any given year.’ [1] Like all of our product ranges, Resilience has been engineered specifically with pressure care in mind, providing a support surface to help relieve and redistribute pressure within its required applications.
Infection Control
‘Every year, lives are lost because of the spread of infections in hospitals.’ [2] We are focused on helping protect against this issue by implementing many factors within our products design. Resilience does this by being: 
  • Waterproof; an effective microbial barrier
  • Weldable; to allow sealed seams
  • Durable; helping prevent damage. 
If a coated textile is not all of the above, then it may lead to infections seeping into and spreading within the material.
Easy Transfer
The surface is designed to be easy to move patients on helping to reduce the risk of shear stresses and strains damaging tissue integrity.
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