10 Top Tips for keeping your mattress cover clean

15/07/2015 09:19:07

Cleaning and maintaining your mattress cover will prolong its life and lower purchasing costs. 
Here are our top 10 tips for keeping your Dartex® mattress cover in tip top condition...
1. Polyurethane coated fabrics are hydrophilic – meaning they can absorb liquids for short periods, which causes the surface to temporarily swell. Prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage, so keep exposure to liquids to a minimum
2. Clean any spillage / debris from the surface of the cover first using a single use clean, dry cloth
3. Disinfect the cover with a single use cloth to prevent the spread of diseases
4. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using cleaning chemicals; this will keep you safe and limit the mattress cover’s exposure to harm
5. Thoroughly rinse the cover with clean water and a clean cloth - this will prevent the build-up of residual chemicals, which could damage the cover
6. Covers should be thoroughly dried before returning to use to ensure any swelling has gone down 
7. Store your mattress between uses in a cool, dry area 
8. Always store your mattress flat and do not stack heavy equipment on it. This is a sure-fire way of damaging not only the cover but the mattress insides!
9. When taking a mattress out of storage, visually inspect it for signs of strikethrough or abrasion to the cover; these can lead to fluid ingress and damage the inside of the mattress
10. Treat all polyurethane fabrics the same; they have the same properties regardless of whether they’re a mattress cover or a chair cover
The BHTA guidance for Protect, Rinse, Dry when cleaning your mattress cover is an excellent resource and offers additional information for getting the most out of your mattress cover.
If in doubt – give us a shout! 
Our technical team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about looking after your mattress. Drop us a line at enquiries@dartexcoatings.com 

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