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28/01/2016 15:53:35

We take immense pride in our technical expertise and our quality procedures. Read on to find out more about some of the tests we apply to our products before they become mattress covers or seating...

At Dartex, we pride ourselves on the quality of our polyurethane-coated healthcare fabrics. Before they reach the customer, our ranges undergo a strict quality assurance process to make sure our products are the very best they can be. 
Coating adhesion test
What we do: In the Dartex laboratory, we stick two pieces of pu-coated fabric together, then use a testometric machine to measure how much force it takes to pull the coating from the fabric.
Why we do it: To make sure the polyurethane coating has firmly adhered to the fabric.
Delamination of the fabric in use will result in fluids being able to breach the coating and lead to the failure of the product; potentially putting the patient at risk.
Hydrostatic Head test
What we do: After fixing the sample piece of fabric in place, we force a highly pressured jet of water into the fabric to check for any microscopic holes in the coating of the fabric
Why we do it: This test is important to ensure the fabric is properly waterproof.
Any leakage will result in the product being compromised; leading to the failure of the product and potentially putting the patient at risk.
Bleach test
What we do: Usually done over a long period of time, we rub samples with bleach to see how long it takes to degrade or fade the coating.
Why we do it: In medical environments, bleach is often used to clean hospital mattresses and other medical devices, so we test to ensure that our products meet these stringent cleaning demands.
The Dartex® Endurance range is our toughest fabric, withstanding 10,000ppm bleach.
Find out more
Our technical team are always happy to answer quality questions about any Dartex product. Contact us for more information enquiries@dartexcoatings.com 
Or take two minutes to check out our production process animation to see exactly what goes in to making Dartex technical textiles

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