Crib 7

26/01/2016 15:32:55

Everything you need to know about Crib 7 fabric...

Fabrics in the UK are subject to a variety of flame retardant tests, depending on their use. 
For fabrics treated to Crib 5 standard, these can be used in most general applications, including commercial use where the impact of fire can be more serious, such as in hospitals and hotels.
Crib 7 fire retardant fabrics are required for use in high hazard environments or where the person cannot easily leave their surroundings, such as:
  • Bail hostels
  • Mental health institutions
  • Offshore installations
  • Prisons
  • Secure accommodation / residential high dependency units
  • Submarines
The way fabrics are tested involves stretching them over a frame and then exposing it to a naked flame. With a Crib 7 test, the frame (or ‘crib’) is larger, therefore more of the fabric is exposed to the flame.
The composition of Crib 7 fabric is such that it will self-extinguish within the time limits of the test; therefore meeting the standard.
Dartex offers both Crib 7 and Crib 5 fabrics for medical and commercial use.
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