Supporting Stop The Pressure Ulcer Day 2018

30/10/2018 09:59:27

Resources for clinicians to download and use as part of their Stop The Pressure Ulcer Day 2018 activitites

As a technical textiles manufacturer, we understand the role that a support surface cover can play in the prevention of avoidable pressure ulcers.
Of course, there are many other aspects to consider, but these are our Top 3 Tips for Tissue Viability Nurses and OT’s for this year’s Stop The Pressure Ulcer Day 
1. Ensuring that your support surface is fit for purpose is one of the ways that you can fight avoidable pressure ulcers. Does your mattress or seat surface COVER these points...?
2. COVER and CORE working together means the medical device will perform at its best. This research paper demonstrates what happens when the right cover is paired with the right support surface core: 
3. Keep it clean – correctly! The life of any mattress or seat cover will do its job better for longer if the right cleaning protocols are used. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
All of this information is available as hard copies. Please contact to request copies for your team.

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