Preventing the pressure

10/05/2016 08:53:16

Dartex has undertaken a series of research papers to demonstrate the effects that different types of polyurethane-coated fabric can have on pressure redistribution when used on different mattress cores…

To date, the attention surrounding mattress performance has focused almost exclusively on the mattress contents, such as the properties of foam, the type of air system utilized, etc. with minimal attention being paid to the cover, except in regards to cleaning and care.
Using a pressure map, Dartex measured key physical properties using a range of mattresses and different fabrics, to demonstrate how the mattress’s pressure redistribution properties are influenced when the fabric selection is altered.
Top level results showed:
  • The “best” combination was different for each mattress
  • For the low stretch fabrics, loose covers gave lower peak pressure and lower average pressure
  • For the high-stretch fabrics, the results were very similar
  • The average pressure was largely independent of fabric.
The results infer that in the best medical devices, the mattress cover and core work harmoniously for the best patient outcome, and more research is required to demonstrate the positive effects of the mattress and cover working together.
Download the paper here or contact Katie Pearce for more information.

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