Get a Grip! with Grabby Base

18/06/2019 14:24:19

It's all about the (Grabby) Base - how does yours compare to Dartex® Grabby base?

If you need a breathable base to keep a support surface firmly in its place, look no further than Dartex® Grabby base fabric:
  • Keep cushions in place
  • Avoid mattresses slipping
  • Help to prevent falls
Unlike PVC, which is often used in the healthcare sector for base material on mattress tickings, Dartex® Grabby Base utilizes Dartex® polyurethane coating technology, making it waterproof, yet breathable to allow moisture vapor from the patient to pass through the mattress system. 
Dartex® Grabby Base can be manufactured to any shade and color matched to existing products.
To find out more, and to see why it's All About the Base, contact a member of our sales team:

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