Unique! Our new Microclimate laboratory

10/07/2017 17:55:12

Our customers are really excited about our new microclimate laboratory.....

What happens in the Microclimate laboratory?

With our sweating mannequin and heat / humidity sensors, we are able to monitor what is going on at the patient / mattress interface, and track how heat and moisture moves through a mattress. This gives a unique insight into how a mattress behaves in use allowing the product to be optimised to maximise performance.

How successful has the Microclimate laboratory been?

The Microclimate laboratory has been extremely popular and clients have been very excited about what they have discovered. We have tested both covers and whole mattress systems for several customers, with the test data featuring prominently in the supporting literature of a unique mattress recently launched at NAPE.

Find out more
Our technical team is always happy to have a chat about the MicroClimate laboratory. Drop us a line to find out more or book an appointment to use the laboratory.

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