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07/07/2015 15:06:40

While we’re famous for our mattress covers – having supplied the NHS for over 30 years – Dartex is also used for a wide range of seating options. Have you considered polyurethane-coated (PU) fabric for your upholstery?
Why choose PU?
Polyurethane coated fabrics are a great choice for seating products due to their flexible properties which make them ideal for any application where skin meets fabric:
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Breathable 
  • Stretchy
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
For durability in all weathers, the Dartex® Performance or Endurance ranges are ideal choices. 
A good stretch is important when upholstering rise and recline chairs. A fabric such as Resilience offers high abrasion resistance. 
Upright chairs
Durable fabrics such as Dartex® Resilience or Performance are often used for chairs in high through-put environments, such as hospitals. The enhanced chemical resistance of the Endurance range offers an improved lifetime for chairs where regular cleaning is required.
Seat cushions
A favourite of care homes, individual cushion covers are popular in our Care range, for easy cleaning and value for money.
It’s not just medical….
PU is highly breathable, so just think back to the last time you went out for dinner to a nice restaurant and sat on a sticky, PVC-covered chair….PU is suitable for all applications
Dartex also makes a range of faux leather products, with breathable properties. Contact our technical team for more information at 

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