M is for Microclimate

26/02/2016 12:11:22

An important factor in preventing the development of pressure ulcers is to control the skin’s microclimate. Dartex has developed a range of fabrics that specifically target this area…

What is microclimate?
The term ‘microclimate’ when discussing pressure ulcers usually refers to skin surface or tissue temperature, as well as humidity or skin surface moisture at the body–support surface interface.
In response to customer requests for a more breathable fabric that would help to manage the skin’s microclimate, Dartex developed its own MicroClimate range of fabrics for this specific purpose.
What are the features of the Dartex MicroClimate fabric?
Advanced MVP
Moisture vapour permeability (MVP) is a key function of polyurethane-coated fabrics, as the permeability allows the moisture from the skin to escape, and keep the patient cool. 
The PU coating allows moisture vapour from the skin to pass through the fabric and away from the patient; therefore helping to keep the skin cool and dry.
The Dartex MicroClimate range is engineered to provide advanced levels of MVP with highly breathable fabrics available up to 10 times higher than standard polyurethane-coated fabrics. 
All Dartex MicroClimate products have special additives that protect the polyurethane coating from the growth of fungus and bacteria.
For the prevention of fluid ingress, MicroClimate is a waterproof fabric.
Wipe clean
When used PU-side up, MicroClimate fabrics are wipe clean for infection-control purposes.
All Dartex fabrics are machine washable for more than one use.
Which types of support surface are best for MicroClimate technologies?
Ultimately, the mattress cover and the core need to work together in harmony to provide the best outcome for the patient.
A Dartex® MicroClimate cover works well with a low air loss system. The movement of dry air beneath the cover maximises the benefits of utilising a highly breathable cover and enables better moisture management. As the fabric is highly breathable, it can improve the performance of the whole system.
The pinnacle of our MicroClimate range is UltimateAir, which is:
  • Super stretchy
  • Waterproof
  • The most breathable coating available in the range
Find out more
Our technical team is always happy to have a chat about our MicroClimate products over tea and a biscuit. Drop us a line to find out more enquiries@dartexcoatings.com  
International review. Pressure ulcer prevention: pressure, shear, friction and microclimate in context. A consensus document. London: Wounds International, 2010.

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