Keeping your support surface covers clean

17/08/2016 15:12:35

Keeping your covers clean by having an appropriate cleaning routine can really help with prolonging the life of your Dartex® medical support surface. 

We always advocate the BHTA ‘Protect, rinse and dry’ guidance when cleaning’ Click here to read more.
Step 1: Remove any spillage or debris from the surface before cleaning the Dartex® product
Step 2: Wipe down the mattress cover using Trust-approved cleaning agents (strength-appropriate)
Step 3: Rinse the mattress cover with clean water, to prevent chemical build up. If left in a wet condition, especially with chemical contact, the product will become more susceptible to damage through abrasion and strikethrough
Step 4: Dry the mattress cover thoroughly before returning to use or storage to ensure any swelling has gone down. Once dry, the fabric will return to its original shape and form
Step 5: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using chemical cleaning agents
In the first instance, always check with your product supplier what their instructions for cleaning are. It is important to remember that not all cleaning products are compatible with Dartex® polyurethane.  If you are still unsure, a member of our technical team will be happy to help. Contact

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