Preventing the pressure

10 May 2016

Dartex has undertaken a series of research papers to demonstrate the effects that different types of polyurethane-coated fabric can have on pressure redistribution when used on different mattress cores…

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I + E = Pressure Redistribution

23 March 2016

In this post, we look at immersion and envelopment properties of polyurethane-coated fabrics, and how they can help to reduce the development of avoidable pressure ulcers...

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M is for Microclimate

26 February 2016

An important factor in preventing the development of pressure ulcers is to control the skin’s microclimate. Dartex has developed a range of fabrics that specifically target this area…

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Testing, Testing....

28 January 2016

We take immense pride in our technical expertise and our quality procedures. Read on to find out more about some of the tests we apply to our products before they become mattress covers or seating...

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Crib 7

26 January 2016

Everything you need to know about Crib 7 fabric...

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EPUAP attendance for Dartex

23 September 2015

Dartex representatives attended the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) conference last week, which took place from 15-17 September in Ghent, Belgium.

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E is for Endurance

09 September 2015

This month’s product focus is a staple of the Dartex® Classic range; chemically-resistant Endurance. Read more…

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What is shear?

12 August 2015

The final post in our 'Pressure, Friction, Shear' series deals with shear, which has become a buzzword in pressure ulcer prevention in recent times.

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What is pressure?

05 August 2015

In the second of our ‘Pressure, Friction, Shear’ blog posts, we look this week at pressure.

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What are the differences between friction, pressure and shear?

28 July 2015

Shear is a buzz word right now in the world of pressure ulcer prevention. But how is shear different to friction? Or pressure?
Should it affect your decision in selecting a medical support surface?
In this series of blog posts, we explore the differences between friction, pressure and shear, to show what you need to consider in the face of pressure ulcer prevention.

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Spotlight on....Seating

07 July 2015

While we’re famous for our mattress covers – having supplied the NHS for over 30 years – Dartex is also used for a wide range of seating options. Have you considered polyurethane-coated (PU) fabric for your upholstery?

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Renowned for Resilience

23 June 2015

Resilience is part of our Dartex® Classic product range. 
Find out more about the abrasion-resistant qualities of this popular product...

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Taking care of your Dartex mattress

10 June 2015

We get a lot of questions asking about the best way to clean and care for polyurethane-coated Dartex textiles. 
It’s not possible for us to recommend any specific cleaning products as the formulations are often changed by their manufacturers, but if you follow the guidelines below, you won’t go far wrong.

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