medical support surfaces for the road to recovery

The process of rehabilitation comes with its own set of challenges which requires the right equipment to ensure the best road to recovery. Choosing the right support surface is an important factor in aiding the rehabilitation process. Getting this choice right will effectively contribute to aspects of pressure care as well as infection control.

Dartex has developed ranges of product for acute and community/independent living which offer different levels of performance depending on the specific rehabilitation need.

For effective pressure injury management, optimal weight and pressure distribution can be achieved when the support surface works in harmony with the cushion and seating composites to relieve pressure points and create a comfortable seating position throughout the day.   Dartex offers a range of stretch fabrics designed to follow the contour of the cushion / seating or mattress which enables an ideal pressure distribution.  Dartex fabrics also offer great stretch recovery which will help prevent bagging and will therefore provide a more comfortable and effective support surface for longer.

All our support surfaces are reliably waterproof; this will protect the inner composites of the cushion from any kind of fluid ingress and contamination.  Furthermore Dartex fabrics can also be welded which means that the seams of the covers can be sealed to prevent contamination inside the cushion.  Welded seams also have the benefit of being stronger.  The combination of reliable waterproofness and sealed seams will keep the inside of the cushion cleaner, safer and ultimately will prolong the life of the entire cushion.

A support surface that is dry and soft to the touch will also improve comfort for the user.  All Dartex fabrics offer varying levels of moisture vapour permeability, which will keep the surface dry which in addition to the comfort benefits will also help in managing your pressure care environment. 



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