know-how in support surfaces for intensive care, post-operative care, rehabilitation and well-being

Positioning aids and devices fulfill an important role across all healthcare sectors.

A major consideration when treating patients that need positioning devices is that they are often in the high risk group for developing pressure injuries, this is particularly the case in intensive and post-operative care when the patient’s body can become stressed and immobilised.  Efficient and effective pressure ulcer prevention makes commonsense both in terms of patient care and comfort as well as in terms of the economic consequences of not getting right. 

Any equipment should not exacerbate the risk of developing a pressure ulcer and selecting the correct medical support surface is of paramount importance to ensure that it works effectively with the design & composites of the positioning device.

In terms of pressure care, the surface must provide support with optimal distribution of pressure and fit the contour of the device without surface creasing. Dartex offer a range of stretch fabrics that will fit the contours of both the device and body giving the required level of support. The support surface should also offer a degree of moisture vapour permeability to ensure that the surface remains dry and comfortable to the touch. Any material next to the skin which interferes with its natural temperature and moisture control can also aggravate the risk to the patient.

The surface of the positioning aid should also have sufficient slip, as excess surface friction can add to the risk of patients developing ulcers.

A further important consideration is infection control.  All Dartex support surfaces are reliably waterproof which can prevent fluid ingress and contamination of the composites.  Furthermore there is the additional benefit of weldable seams which will also act as a barrier to fluid ingress and contamination.  This not only has a benefit in terms of patient safety but will also prolong the life of the positioning device.

Dartex support surfaces can be easily cleaned and will withstand the rigours of hospital cleaning and disinfection.

In addition offering the balance of performance benefits such as stretch, moisture vapour permeability, reliable waterproofness and durability, Dartex also offers conductive fabrics which are suitable for positioning devices in operating theatres.  For further information please see Dartex Conductive in our products, or contact us in person.



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