Operating Theatres

It is estimated that 234.2 million major surgical operations are performed each year throughout the world (1)

Undergoing an operation is often the most invasive procedure that any patient will go through. A major consideration for patients in theatre is that they are often in the high risk group for developing pressure ulcers, when the patient’s body can become stressed and immobilised.  Efficient and effective pressure ulcer prevention is therefore critical.

Any equipment should not exacerbate the risk of developing a pressure injury and selecting the correct medical support surface is of paramount importance to ensure that it works effectively with the design & composites of the operating table.

In terms of pressure care, the surface must provide support with optimal distribution of pressure and fit the contours of both the upholstered composite / operating pad and body. The support surface should also offer a degree of moisture vapour permeability to ensure that the surface remains dry and comfortable to the touch. Any material next to the skin which interferes with its natural temperature and moisture control can also aggravate the risk to the patient.

A further important consideration is infection control.  All Dartex support surfaces are reliably waterproof which can prevent fluid ingress and contamination of the composites.  Furthermore there is the additional benefit of weldable seams which will also act as a barrier to fluid ingress and contamination.  This not only has a benefit in terms of patient safety but will also prolong the life of the composite.

Dartex support surfaces are highly durable, can be easily cleaned and will withstand the rigours of hospital cleaning and disinfection.

Finally the support surface must also have built-in conductive anti-static properties to prevent static build-up and associated shocks. Dartex has developed the Conductive range of products which are all tested for electrical resistance to BS2040 / A.4.1. The conductive and anti-static properties will last the life-time of the product giving the assurance that it will minimise the accumulation of static which is essential in theatre. Further performance information is available in our products, or please contact us for further information.


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