dartex understands the very specific support surface requirements for wheelchair users

 The seating support in wheelchairs is particularly critical due to the often extended length of time the user spends in the wheelchair.  Correctly designed cushions are essential not only in terms of the value in improving the life and comfort for the user but also in avoiding the development of pressure injury.

Optimal weight and pressure distribution can be achieved when the support surface works in harmony with the cushion composites to relieve pressure points and create a comfortable seating position throughout the day.   Dartex offers a range of stretch fabrics designed to follow the contour of the cushion which enables an ideal pressure distribution.  Dartex fabrics also offer great stretch recovery which will help prevent bagging and will therefore provide a more comfortable and effective support surface for longer.

All our support surfaces are reliably waterproof; this will protect the inner composites of the cushion from any kind of fluid ingress and contamination.  Furthermore Dartex fabrics can also be welded which means that the seams of the covers can be sealed to prevent contamination inside the cushion.  Welded seams also have the benefit of being stronger.  The combination of reliable waterproofness and sealed seams will keep the inside of the cushion cleaner, safer and ultimately will prolong the life of the entire cushion.

Due to the often demanding use of wheelchairs, it’s important that the support surface is highly durable and abrasion resistant to withstand the associated wear and tear. Dartex fabrics are all tested for abrasion resistance and tear strength. Dartex also offers support surfaces with improved light fastness, this helps protect the fabric from UV degradation when the wheelchair is used outdoors.

It is also essential that the support surface is easy care – all Dartex fabrics are machine washable and are wipe-cleanable when the coating side is used face out.   

A support surface that is dry and soft to the touch will also improve comfort for the user.  All Dartex fabrics offer varying levels of moisture vapour permeability, which will keep the surface dry which in addition to the comfort benefits will also help in managing your pressure care environment. 

And finally, we don’t believe that the aesthetic of the support surface should be compromised in order to meet all the necessary performance requirements.   We can personalise your seat in any way you require. If it can be printed on paper, we can add it to your seat.



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