support surfaces for mother and baby     

Expectant mothers and new born babies are at particular risk of hospital associated infections (HAI).

Dartex support surfaces are designed to help in infection control. All Dartex medical support surfaces are reliably waterproof which can prevent fluid ingress and contamination of the composites.  Combined with the additional benefit of weldable seams, this will act as a barrier to fluid ingress and contamination.  This not only has a benefit in terms of patient safety but will also prolong the life of the mattress.

The Dartex range of fabrics designed for maternity beds and incubators can all be wiped clean and will withstand the rigours of hospital cleaning and disinfection.  This means that effective cleaning can be carried out very quickly.  After wipe-cleaning the cover, the surface is disinfected, surface dry and ready to be used again. This creates a clean working environment and reduces the spread of hospital associated infections (HAIs).  If required the support surface will also withstand cleaning by autoclave.

Stretch support surfaces are also an important factor in improving the patient’s comfort as well as working together with the mattress to provide support and even distribution of pressure. The support surface should also offer a degree of moisture vapour permeability to ensure that the surface remains dry and comfortable to the touch.

Finally it is essential that the support surface is strong and will resist abrasion in order to maintain a durable barrier to fluids and bacteria/viruses even with heavy usage. 



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