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Dartex is an international business, with transfer coating and transfer laminating manufacturing facilities on both sides of the Atlantic.  We produce the highest quality fabrics for the world-wide healthcare market.  All our fabrics are expertly engineered to be used in a variety of patient support surfaces.

Since our inception in 1971 we have succeeded in demanding market areas where performance, compliance to specification and process repeatability are key within a culture of total customer responsiveness. Environmentally compliant and quality assured, our UK facility was the first transfer coater in the world to achieve what has now evolved to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. Despite an impressive heritage and reputation we know that we cannot rest on our laurels and remain relentless in the pursuit of innovative technical development and operational business improvement.

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Dartex Coatings are committed to meeting the requirements of its customers by manufacturing a range of high quality products. To support this, Dartex have held a certified quality management system since 1992 and are currently certified to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard (view our certificate).

The management of quality starts with the control of raw materials and the selection of suppliers who supply products to a consistently high standard. All processes are controlled to allow optimal performance and thorough verification to ensure products and services meet agreed customer requirements.

All products manufactured go through a 100% examination process. Every batch is tested in our in-house laboratory ensuring the most stringent demands for colour and performance are met.

Dartex manufactures products to meet the highest standards of performance. Every product specification includes minimum performance levels rather than typical values, this allows our customers to have total confidence in the end product.

All standard Dartex® products are covered by a comprehensive minimum twelve-month in-use warranty. See our terms and conditions for details.


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As a responsible manufacturer Dartex Coatings has a responsibility to protect the environment and we show examples of our commitment through:

  • The installation of thermal oxidisers to abate 99.8% of air pollution emissions from the plant, and an integral heat recovery unit to re-deploy heat to the coating ovens.
  • Reducing the amount of waste by maximising levels of recycling.
  • Re-use of raw materials back into the manufacturing process.
  • Minimising emission levels to land, air and water.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of sites, thus lessening the drain on energy resources.
  • An ongoing program to source environmentally friendlier raw materials.
  • The education of employees in the environmental impact of our process, including opportunities of waste minimisation, energy and recycling management.

These policies are all managed through the operation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) in line with the requirements of ISO14001 ( view our Environmental Policy ) and are compliant with the relevant requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (UK) and the Clean Air Act (USA).

Continual improvement is achieved through an ongoing procedure of internal audits and the EMS annual review.

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Custom Solutions - Innovation through Collaboration

As an international business with technical competence and innovation in transfer coating and transfer laminating on both sides of the Atlantic, we are frequently approached to provide custom solutions for a number of diverse businesses. Many of our custom solutions involve non-disclosure agreements, therefore these exciting projects cannot be publicised.

One example of a custom solution in the public domain is our C.I.P.P.  technology where we have engineered fabrics and coatings that provide solutions to the high cost of underground pipe repair. Major service providers and municipalities are currently using Dartex products throughout the Cured in Place Pipe Industry (C.I.P.P.).

Trenchless technology (CIPP)

With the escalating costs and inconvenience of ground pipe repairs, there is an increasing requirement for alternative solutions to traditional methods of trench excavation. Technology is now available to line the existing damaged pipes with watertight, flexible Dartex' coated fabrics. Our Trenchless products allow for the repair of lateral and angled pipes of varying dimensions. These are welded into tubes creating both a carrier on the outside of drainpipe resin to effect repair and a biodegradable waterproof lining of polyurethane for drainpipe efficacy. Dartex has positioned itself as a leader in providing the most cost effective and quality conscious products for this industry.